New Chris Brown Surprise Remix

Okay so…remember the song “Sexual Healing” by marvin gaye? I’m sure you do and if you don’t you probably live under a rock or you’re just too young lol. Anyways so Chris Brown released a song called “Back To Sleep” back in 2015 with his album release “Royalty” which was a new interpretation of “Sexual Healing”. So basically it’s just a song about sex … lol. With that being said it’s probably one of the newer classic sexual songs that will go down in history just like Sexual Healing. To top it off 2 days ago he did a remix with R&B super star influence Usher and Zayn Malik (One direction member who is a new solo artist). Zayn being a new solo artist i’m surprised at how amazing he sounds like he was meant to sing R&B. If you get a chance you should also check out his song Pillow Talk, a single off his highly anticipated album which will be releasing in May.

Chris also shouts out his ex gitlfriend Karreuche in the song. He’s basically singing to her saying sorry and how he just wants her to love him.

Check out the songs below- Rated R!!!- warning (the clean version says Sex you Back to Sleep:

So this is Back to Sleep (original version):


And this is the new remix !!


and This is Pillow Talk by Zayn!! (Can you spot the supermodel????)



New Chris Brown Album- Royalty



LITTLE MORE- CHRIS BROWN (inspired by his actual daughter who makes an appearance in the video)

Honestly, you won’t be disappointed with this album. Chris always outdoes himself and I have to say this may be one of the best ideas yet. He released music videos as a sequel leading up to his album release which was on Friday the 18th. The story starts with his music video liquor and ends with  little more which can be seen below!! Check it out.


New Tiller Music

you should probs listen to this on this gloomy morning and vibe outttt.
Bryson Tiller has been on the come up for some time but people are finally starting to realize how relatable his music is. I feel like I can listen to him forever and just chill.

lemme know what you think.

My Fave Songs Right Now

1.Right My Wrongs – Bryson Tiller

2. Faded to Shade- Lyrica Anderson Ft. Chris Brown

3. Mark My Words- Justin Bieber

4. Obviously…Sorry – Justin Bieber

5.How Deep is your Love- Calvin Harris

6. Miracle/Whenever- Ty Dolla $ign ft. Big TC & D-Loc

7. I just Wanna…Elijah Blake ft. Dej Loaf

8. Say It- Tory Lanez

9.Hello- Adele

10. Sorry – Rick Ross Ft. Chris Brown

11. Down In the Dm – Yo Gotti

12. Sex You Back to Sleep- Chris Brown

13. Get Away- Kehlani

14.Collide- Justine Skye ft. Tyga

(Some songs haven’t came out anytime soon but these have all been on repeat lately).

love sharing music with all of you ❤


So, Hey…it’s been forever… but school has been killing me…

anyways that’s not even important. What’s important is that Chris Brown dropped a surprise mixtape with 34 SONGS on black friday. Yup you read that right.. 34 songs. I know most of you probably don’t even like Chris but this is actually cool and 34 songs sounds like a lot but it’s what we really needed.

His album was suppose to drop on black friday but it got pushed back and now you can pre order his album which will now release on December 18th 2015 ($1 from your purchase will be go towards Children’s Miracle Network Hospital and Best Buddies).

I’d suggest checking it out. Tbh you can’t really judge someone on their mistakes and what the media portrays them to be. This guy creates amazing music, he can dance, sing, act, direct, he’s an artist and there’s really endless talent/creativity. This mixtape basically has everything you can ask for. Sex songs, happy/dance music and let’s not forget some old-school chris R&B music that we can all appreciate.

Open your mind to accepting great music and stop being non-judgmental and see how your life can be changed 🙂

(ps. he also dropped a new music video and single for his actual album  ROYALTY after his daughter called find my me)



these are my fave songs off the mixtape so far (not that they’re not all good):

Gotta get up
All I need
Text message
Just so you know
The Breakup
Freaky Shit
Till the morning
Right Now
Seasons Change
Roses turn blue
Show off
4 seconds


Off of his highly anticipated album this is the new single !!


Dark Times- The Weeknd ft. Ed Sheeran

Literally been on repeat forever. Go support this Toronto artist and buy his album Beauty Behind the Madness. I swear you won’t be disappointed..If you’re into soothing honest music ..I truly recommend it. He kinda sounds like Michael Jackson in a way which is really cool especially in this generation. ❤

And who doesn’t love Ed Sheeran? No matter what type of music you’re into.. you can’t deny that his voice is amazing and both of them together is basically all you need in your life..

(BTW… I really want to hear Chris Brown and Ed Sheeran together. I’m always here for different styles coming together and creating something GREAT).

Well I’m Back…

it’s weird that I haven’t been on this for a while. But I’ll update you on my life real quick. Basically I finished first year university, I did well and I got a couple scholarships. I transferred back to the university I originally wanted to go to first year because I wasn’t really happy where I was and it wasn’t for me but I’m much happier now. I’m actually on break for one of my lectures right now. (btw drake posted a pic on insta yesterday regarding my school and it’s pretty dope but you may only understand it if you know Toronto slang). Anyways, more about my summer: I worked all summer, and a whole bunch of financial issues occurred and I couldn’t go to my family reunion or grandma’s 80th birthday and almost didn’t even get to go to school (long story ..but #brokestudentproblems). So you can say I had a horrible summer. Plus I feel like I lost someone so close to me. It’s funny how things change so much within a year. But I had to deal with a whole lotttaa BS and I’m glad that chapter is over. But some great things happened as well..I also got to see all my friends that came from school during the summer, I went to amusement parks, beaches and New York also, my closest cousin came to it wasn’t all that bad. But now that things have sort of settled down and my mind is more at peace.. Hopefully i’ll be able to blog more and get to know everyone on a personal note!

My thought of the day today is something my dad told me this morning:
Don’t be quick to panic.

Every time something goes wrong or isn’t in my favor I realize that I panic really quickly even if it doesn’t show on my face… But it really doesn’t solve anything and just clouds your thinking. I also realized that I was panicking over some things that truly weren’t good for me and there was no reason for that. So when things go wrong just …relax and think and weigh out your alternatives. If it’s something you don’t feel good about then make a decision that will make you happy!

Anyways, that’s all for now. Wishing all the students goodluck this year and everyone else .. praying that you all have a great day .. no matter what you’re going through! 🙂

Racist Chant?…

So an Oklahoma university fraternity sang racist chats and it was all caught on camera. It was pretty disturbing. I believe I heard they’d rather hang a black person than let them enjoy their fraternity or something similar to that. The president of the school is looking to investigate the whole ordeal and it may lead to the students being expelled for racial discrimination which I think is definitely necessary. These type of things need to be taken seriously.
It’s still really sad that people are so racist and go to the extent to make people feel as though being black is a bad thing. Like people had the opportunity to chosse their skin color ?? It is so not fair and not nice and I’m even hurt my these statements. We are all human beings with different skin colors and it’s just not your position to judge. I pray that one day we can all live in harmony with each other no matter the sex, race or ethnicity. Even if we don’t fully agree with different lifestyles, religions or culture I hope one day we can just respect that we’re all different and IT IS OKAY TO BE DIFFERENT.

It’s not attractive to be mean and disrespectful, you just look hateful and angry and you will never live to your full potential with that kind of mindset.

peace and LOVE.